First of all, ı was computer games-addicted and I worked on the developer in game-education projects.I understand, their situations.Game creators want to make money.Players want to have fun It looks simple but lower back isn't simple.Other things, digital games are the industry for humanity.
İt is a big part of entertainment industry because their market value is 82.44 billion u.s dollar in 2018, it is a grow out of control because psychologists, graphics teams(skin designers, skeleton designers.etc),

game developers(physics developers, animators, level developers) are trying to create virtual worlds and psychologists know your want better than you moreover computer experts creating games real than life.For example, virtual reality augmented reality, whatever you want, you can make in-game.There are some good effects.Games are funny way to learn.You can learn everything with games.For example "stratch" or "hour of code"helper to learn programming and algorithm.I think, young kids, must learn algorithm because they can think clearly and they can make true decision in him life and keep out harmful habits.Maybe your child creates his own games or becomes the famous game creator.If you want your child learn basic sciences(math, physics.etc), your child use khanacademy and you can find a lot of games on the internet but my opinion is your child must discover his skills and improve his skills.On the other hand there are bad effect.Digital games addiction is a new disease in the 21.century.If you borned in computer games culture and you have the digital game's addiction, you can't escape computer games or do you want to escape from computer games addiction.You need strong self-control.Addicters live in a different world, we can look at results here:
1.they can't experience real life.
2.they can be unsuccessful in academic life
3.they often build a relationship with online players and avoid real relationships.
4.they never think clearly
5.especially,digital games destroy sense of reality and they can only improve ego.

Finally,we have a lot of solutions for digital games addiction ,clinics can solve digital games addicts problem or you can motivate to create something with a computer.We can't forbid technology but we can be conscious about technology and we must learn "how to use technology".

Başka bir örnek paragraf fikir vermesi açısından faydalı olabilir.It's a example paragraph for you,ı want to give idea for your paragraphs.

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